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M&L cover [Music & Letters, Vol. 87, No. 3, August 2006, pp. 500–503: Review by Sterling Murray of The Early String Quartet, Vol. 3, Adalbert Gyrowetz, Three String Quartets, Op. 44

Extracts (the full review can be found by following this link)

Adalbert Gyrowetz, Three String Quartets Op. 44, ed. W. Dean Sutcliffe. The Early String Quartet. (Steglein, Ann Arbor, 2004, $60. ISBN 0-9719854-2-1, ISSN 1539-879X.)

"Born the son of a small-town choir master, Gyrowetz left home early and travelled widely, spending—like his countryman Myslivecek—much time in Italy. His life intersected with many of the most prominent personalities of his day, including Goethe, the Prince of Wales (the future King George IV), and Napoleon, who even offered him a commission in his army. In Vienna in the 1780s, he was befriended by Mozart, who promoted his music—an unusually generous gesture on his part." …

"In his introductory notes, Sutcliffe provides a particularly convincing and well-crafted statement of the often gaping disparity between our evaluations of lesser-known composers of this period and the position they held among their contemporaries." …

"Sutcliffe's edition is a model of care and clarity in production. He faithfully applies his editorial principles to create a clear and uncluttered reading of the musical text." …

"Steglein press is also to be commended on the quality of the physical layout of the parts and the score, which are easy to read and user-friendly."


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