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Heartz cover

Artists and Musicians
Portrait Studies from the Rococo to the Revolution
By Daniel Heartz


List of Illustrations


1. Amigoni and Farinelli

Appendix: Farinelli’s Picture Gallery at Bologna

2. Le Grand Pierrot: Watteau’s Tribute to the Italian Comedians

3. Rosalba, Faustina, and Hasse: A Passion for Pastels

4. Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Portraitist

5. Abel, Christian Bach, and Gainsborough

6. Franziska Danzi Lebrun, Prima Donna: Her Career and Portrait by Gainsborough
Paul Corneilson

7. Dr. Burney, Sacchini, and Sir Joshua Reynolds

8. Gossec and Vestier Hymn the Revolution

9. Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun’s Portrait of Paisiello
John A. Rice

10. Rosalie Duplant of the Opéra Portrayed by Vincent

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