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SECM2010 cover

SECM in Brooklyn 2010
Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music I




Travels with Hésione: The tragédie en musique outside Paris, Anita Hardeman

A Missing Link? The Suite-Symphony in Mid-Eighteenth-Century North Germany, Joanna Cobb Biermann

“Ein Musikdirector hat an einem Instrumente Mangel”: Obbligato Organ in the Bach Cantatas, Evan Philip Cortens

A Tale of Two Brothers: Friedemann and Emanuel Bach, David Schulenberg

Haydn’s “Irregularities”: Ambiguous Openings in the B Minor String Quartets, op. 33, no. 1 and op. 64, no. 2, Mathieu Langlois

Issues of Authenticity and Chronology in the Sacred Music of Leopold Hofmann, Allan Badley

Courting the Amorous Muse: The Instrumental Romance in the Music of Antonio Rosetti, Sterling E. Murray

W. A. Mozart’s Quintet for Horn and Strings in E-flat Major, K. 407 (386c), in Two Arrangements for Harmoniemusik by Joseph Heidenreich, Peter Heckl

Musical Landskips: Scottish Songbooks in English Drawing Rooms, Paul F. Moulton

Censoring the Censor: Karl Glossy’s Selective Transcription (1897) of Karl Hägelin’s Directive on Viennese Theatrical Censorship (1795), Lisa de Alwis

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