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SECM 2021
Courts, Colonies, and Cosmopolitan Exchange





Stanislavian Warsaw and the Universality of Eighteenth-Century Operatic Culture, Anna Parkitna

The Peasant at the Piano, or Did the Duchess of Courtland Sing in Latvian?, Māra Grudule

Court Society and the Hunt: Liminal Intersections in Two Characteristic Sinfonias of Gottlob Harrer, R. Todd Rober

Reclaiming the Cantata Mass: Vanhal, Haydn, and Formal Continuities in the Viennese Gloria, Halvor K. Hosar

An Academy of Academies: The Cultural Transfer of the “Academy of Music” to Sweden, Erik Wallrup

African American Presence and Anti-Slavery Ideology in the Operatic Culture of Mozart’s Vienna, Pierpaolo Polzonetti

Jacques Cazotte and the Colonial Context of the Querelle des Bouffons, Callum Blackmore

William Herschel’s Gravitational Theory of Music Expression, Sarah Clemmens Waltz

Ecclesiastical Models in Mozart’s Second Thamos Chorus, "Gottheit, über alle mächtig!", Karina Valnumsen Hansen

Hamburg Celebrating Gustav: C. P. E. Bach’s Chorus Spiega, Ammonia fortunata, Paul Corneilson

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