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Haydn and His Contemporaries




Part 1 Haydn

Michael Haydn’s Wanderjahre, 1754–1759: Where was he, and when?, Charles H. Sherman

The Earliest Biographies of Haydn and the Ideals of Normalcy, Ellis Anderson

Haydn, Handel and the Concerts of Ancient Music, Graydon Beeks

Haydn’s Debt to Cimarosa, Ethan Haimo

Tonal Diversity and Formal Variety in Haydn’s Seven Last Words, James S. MacKay

Methods of Large-Scale Rhythmic and Tonal Organization as Stylistic Features of Haydn’s Instrumental Music, Jason Yust

Middles and Muddles: Haydn’s Compositional Style and Sonata Forms, Jan Miyake

Part 2 Haydn’s Contemporaries

Court Musicians at Anhalt-Zerbst: New Sources for Eighteenth-Century Employment Practices, Barbara M. Reul

The French Vocal Romance and the Sorrows of Exile in the Early American Republic, Emily Laurance

Federalists, Immigrants, and Wild Irish Savages: The Development and Influence on National Identity of the Eighteenth-Century American Symphony, Bertil van Boer

A Reassessment of Carl Friedrich Zelter’s Compositional Career through his Viola Concerto in E-flat Major, Paul Luongo

Thomas Alexander Erskine (1732–1781) and the Practice of Modeling, Matthew J. McAllister

European Music in Colonial America: The Moravians as Transmitters of a Culture, Nola Reed Knouse

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