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Coll' astuzia, Col giudizio
Essays in Honor of Neal Zaslaw



À l'Ouverture des Enfers, Geoffrey Burgess

Ballet, Pantomime, and the Sung Word in the Operas of Rameau, Rebecca Harris-Warrick

Naive Questions and Laughable Answers: An Eighteenth-Century Job Interview, Steven Zohn

Of Ocular Harpsichords and Scarlet Trumpets, Emily I. Dolan

Joseph Haydn's Early Ensemble Divertimenti, James Webster

"Gropers into Antique Musick" or "A very ancient and respectable Society"? Historical Views of the Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood

The Models for Mozart's Arrangements and Copies of "Foreign" Works, Ulrich Leisinger

Mozart's Fantasy in C Minor, K. 475, an Editorial Problem "Repaired" or A Half-Note by Any Other Name May Not Swell so Sweetly, Malcolm Bilson

A Newly Discovered Portrait of Mozart?, Cliff Eisen

Mozart's Remakes, Robert D. Levin

Watches Without Pockets: Singing About Minutes in a London Drawing Room, circa 1800, Sarah Day-O'Connell

Pièces de clavecin au piano: The Pianistic Afterlife of French Harpsichord Music, Sandra Mangsen

"An American in Paris"—"A Frenchman in New York" Begegnungen von Alter und Neuer Welt in der Musik von George Gershwin und Darius Milhaud, Ulrich Konrad

"Bedauernswerth" ("Urami") by Rentaro Taki: A Requiem sans parole for His Own Premature Death by a Japanese Composer of the Meiji Era, Bin Ebisawa

"Mutton, mutton, mutton, and never a Wiener Schnitzel!" Otto Erich Deutsch in Exile, David Josephson

The Sounds of Music and War: Humphrey Jennings's and Stewart McAllister's Listen to Britain (1942), David Rosen

Musicology and Performance: a Conversation with Neal Zaslaw, John Spitzer

Bibliography of the Writings of Neal Zaslaw

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