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Musical Treasures from Moravian Archives

Musical Treasures from Moravian Archives presents in critical editions music that was actively used in the Moravian communities of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Because much of the music used by the Moravians was home grown many of the volumes of MTMA will be of works composed by Moravian composers, i.e., those working directly in the Moravian communities themselves. A not insignificant portion of the music that survives in the various Moravian archives, however, originated from outside of those communities and was adopted by one or more of them for local use. Such pieces are also included in the series.

Completed volumes

Volume 1
Johannes Herbst: Hymns to be Sung at the Pianoforte
Edited by Tim Sharp, Oklahoma City, OK


Volume 2
Ernst Wilhelm Wolf: Ostercantate
Edited by David Blum and Nola Reed Knouse, Winston-Salem, NC


Volume 3
Johannes Herbst: Lititz Anthems I
Edited by Jeffrey S. Gemmell, Millersville University


Volume 4
Johann Friedrich Peter: Anthems I
Edited by Ryan M. Malone, Bucknell University


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